Best Water Softener Reviews

Water softener system is popular and become some kind of trend nowadays because it is practically helping us to deal with water contaminants. This tool can also extend the lifespan of any water using tools, in your home. A research shows that household uses about 326 liters water every day. If the water is hard one, you probably cannot count anymore the amount of deposits affect the conditions of your home appliances. That has not included the water that we consume daily. The hard water may not soon affect our health. But along with time goes by, the accumulated deposits may harm our body.

In order to make water softer and to maintain plumbing, it is essential to have best water softener. And what is hard water anyway? It’s the water which contains various minerals, such as manganese, calcium and magnesium carbonate is called hard water. Some deposits in water heater, plumbing or other home appliances that use water is caused by these minerals. And by using water softening system, is a good idea to lower or even remove them.

How Did The Water Softener Operates

The schema for water softener is easy. It has resin tank that contain thousands of resin beads in tiny size and hold the electric charged ions. When it freshly regenerated, beads become full with ion of sodium that delivers from salt of water softener. As you pass hard water in water softener system, the water content such as calcium and magnesium attracted with resin beads. Then, sodium ions will exchange for ions of hard water. The exchange is happen within water softener resin tank. When the large volumes water need to softened, beads become exhausted and contains hard ions. The beads then recharged with salt bag in brine tank. The recharging process has similar works with softening process but in reverse. The hard ions swaps into salt ions in brine tanks and then the excess minerals rinsed off into water waste into drain. And here we have selected most high rated product recommendation for you to consider its pros and cons.

Top Water Softeners Recommendations

Fleck 5600SXT Digital Salt Base Water Softener

Fleck 5600SXTIf it is the time for looking water softener system, there are some products that can be picked for the house. The first item is absolutely cool because it is digitized. That means, the cycle of softening water can be adjusted for a period of time. Therefore, there is no need to adjust things manually when soft water is needed. Considering soft water is really crucial, adjusting manually is just not recommended. That is why Fleck 5600SXT comes in handy. This water softener priced at around $600 has 12GPM rate. It is quite dependable for providing soft water for people within the house. Coming in good warranty, this item is guaranteed to live without problem for 5-10 years ahead. The installation process is quite straight forward, there is no annoying problem during installation. It is always possible to ask plumbers to do the job and integrate with your current plumbing system without messing up the setup.


Fleck 7000 High Capacity Water Softener System

Fleck 7000For those who are who are looking more special product, there is one product is known as Fleck 7000. This item is absolutely a cool thing especially when looking at its feature. However, it is costly, and it is important to put great effort in maintaining it. Priced at $800 range, this water softener is able to provide perfect soft water at the rate of 13GPM. The 64,000 grain capacity is enough for accommodating more than 5 people within the house at the same time. The product is definitely a great instrument, but the installation progress is somehow complicated. However, such problem can be solved easily by hiring plumber. In addition, it is important to check the instruction alongside with the parts. Missing parts are annoying, and it is will make hired plumbers confused. It is also suggested to purchase additional surge protector for saving this expensive item from lighting.


Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener

Watts RV PRO-1000The previous softeners are costly since they cost more than $500 in average. It actually makes sense due it is designed to fully accommodate a whole house. The Watts RV PRO-1000 is a great alternative for those who are seeking more portable softener. Priced at around $200 it is definitely cheaper than previous models. Though it really seems great, it is worth to note that the owner should regenerate it manually. This is definitely not for those who are looking for hyper-convenient softener system. However, this item is basically similar to that expensive one with acceptable performance. Therefore, this instrument absolutely handy and recommended for improving condition within the RV, Yacht and other facility where the portability, space and ease of use are the most important factor.



Eddy Electric Water Descaler Magnetic Water Softener

Eddy Electric Water DescalerAs the name described, this is the type of softeners that based on electronic or magnetic device. Eddy Electric Water Descaler is a product which is designed to reduce annoying and insistent limescale in the plumbing system. This item is definitely not a softener that will make water completely free from minerals. Instead, it is a system that reduces the possibility of sedimentation building within the track of water. The installation of this item is quite easy. Moreover, its acceptable pricing absolutely makes this product even more worthy. Priced at around $200, Eddy Water Descaler comes with 1 year of money-back guarantee. This item is absolutely recommended for those who do not want to have complicated system installation of water softener yet demanding the soft water outcome . However, it is worth to note that this product will not make the water completely free from minerals. It still requires some manual maintenance in some sectors especially in stagnant water.

NuvoH2O Manor Salt-Free Water  Softener

NuvoH2OFor those who are looking for salt-free softener system, there is another product that is worth to consider. This product is known as NuvoH2O. This product is recommended due to some reasons. First of all, it doesn’t need salt to operate. That means, it reduces possibility to contaminate environment with excessive contaminant from the drain residue. Moreover, it is not at risk to be banned from operating since there is a rumor about banning salt-based softener due to its side effect and contributing unbalance environment. Second of all, this product is remarkably small. It height is only 29”, and is great for small space. This item is also revolutionary in which the system actually is safe, efficient, and friendly. Third of all, it actually can remove existing limescale without using complicated procedure. This new equipment is absolutely recommended for those who are seeking innovative softeners. Unfortunately, this water softener is not cheap.

Water Softener System Types

The water softener system are classified from their capabilities and its main operation to softening the hard water. Bellow are known types of water softening device based on the way it works, reverse osmosis system, salt-free system, salt-based system, and magnetic system.

Reverse Osmosis Water Softener

The system is actually filtering based on a divider membrane. There is a special membrane that keeps Ma2+ and Ca2 from coming through the next chamber. Since the water from the second chamber will be used, it should be soft for avoiding damage on plumbing system. Water within first chamber containing the materials will be flushed into the drain. This is a great procedure for making soft water since there is no additional ion added to the water leaving pure H20 as final result. However the Reverse Osmosis or simply called RO are well known to its expensive system implementation.

Salt Base Water Softener

Another procedure that widely used and well known is a salt-based system softener. Explicitly it is actually a system in which salt is involved to remove magnesium and calcium in the water. This system is performed by machine having two different containers complementing each other. The first container is designed to store salt while the other is for resin bed pulling ion of hard water. This procedure is proven to be effective because the minerals are eliminated entirely. It is actually an excellent way to save energy on plumbing maintenance. However, this system is somehow very problematic. Since it is necessary to drain away ‘washed’ hard water, it causes wasted water contaminated with excessive salt and could makes environment imbalance environment.

Salt Free Water Softener

The other water softening system that also gain more acknowledge from society nowadays known as salt-free system. It is actually a soft way of softener. This system is not totally considered as softener because of its nature in which it functions only as a water conditioner. Salt-free based system does not necessarily make plumbing system free from limescale or other precipitations. However, it can greatly reduce the precipitations that can happen to the plumbing system within the building. The idea behind this is to make sure the water goes along with minerals without stopping or depositing in plumbing system causing limescale. However, the deposit can still be seen in sitting water.

Magnetic Water Softener

There are also type of softener system which not equip salt and called as the magnetic system. As the name suggests, this system will pull out some ions and minerals causing deposit in the plumbing system by electromagnetic from its coils which wrapped around the iron core. However, this notion is not yet accepted by the public. The reason is because there are some researches comparing magnetic system and others that cannot explain clearly on how effective the system is. Therefore, this system is still questioned until now. Those are all the type of water softener system that should be recognized.

Water Softener Selection Tips

Water softener is important instrument to have because it can decrease plumbing maintenance cost significantly. Moreover, it also helps directly-related-technology to water to work optimally all the time. However, there are several things that should be concerned before installing the softener. Most crucial things was related to the softener size needed, bellow you can find most common size chart to determine which size will you install for your residence.

water softener chart size

It is also important to note how much time it takes to soften the water. Expert always recommended to store some amount of water without precipitation materials (already processed) before it can be used optimally. Water softener size therefore, plays important role especially if the need of soft water per hour is high. Too big in size it is a waste, while if it too small the result won’t be optimum.